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    Originally called Camp Covid, Created by Kisha was started in the Summer of 2020 to share activities and ideas of things to do during the pandemic. Continuing with that theme, Created By Kisha shares recipes, activities, lesson plans, craft projects, and other family-centered ideas to engage in during the pandemic and beyond. Do one or all of the following to stay updated on the latest ideas/post Join our Facebook group and become part of our community of parents who share ideas and offer support on a host of family-related topics. Follow us on Instagram: to stay updated on the latest post.

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    Movie Making Camp

    June 21-June 24 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Art/Craft Costume Design &Set Building Costume Design &Set Building Film Movie Edit Movie Indoor Activity Draft The Script Begin Shooting Film Movie Edit Movie Outdoor Activity swimming biking swimming biking Food Fun Make Popcorn Balls Nachos with Cheese Homemade Slushies Homemade Soft Pretzels Resources/Books Read: Record it Shooting & Editing Digital Video Making a Movie Making a Movie Cool CareersMovie Director Video: I want to be afilm director Field Trip Fridays Where We Are Going Other Fieldtrip Ideas Actual Film Set Drive In Movie Activity Supplies We use a combination of the supplies on this list as well as some supplies we already…

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    Taking Toys Apart

    If I knew that giving my kids a few tools, some old toys, and permission to take the toys apart would lead to hours of engagement, I would've done it years ago. Following along with this simple book Taking Toys Apart by Kristin Fontichiaro we learned how to safely disassemble some old toy cars. From removing the outer carriage to extracting the circuit board, this highly educational activity exposed us to the inner working of circuits, motors, resistors, capacitors, switches, and overall how electricity works. The kids were super pumped about this activity and asked if we can do it again soon.

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    How to Make Lego Gummies

    I find myself often surprised at how simple certain things are to make. Seriously, who knew with only 4 ingredients, you can make your own gummies. All the credit for how to make this fun food you can play with is given to the late Grant Thompson over at the King of Random. Unfortunately, Grant passed away a few years ago. I hope his family smiles knowing his awesome ideas are creating lasting memories in the hearts of all his fans. Grant gives some great tips on leveling up your lego gummies. He suggests adding vitamins to your mixture to make your gummies healthy and using real lego plates to…

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    Historical Times

    June 14-June 18 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Historical Period Focus The Wild West Pre-Historic Colonial Period Pre-Colonial Americas Art/Craft Make a Cactus Playdoh Make a Paper Ax Make a Quill &ink Pueblo Pottery For Kids Indoor Activity Field Trip: Underground GoldMine Tour & GoldPanning Watch Ice Age Play Colonial Games:Nine Men Morris QUOITSNine Pen Native American Stick Game Outdoor Activity Field Trip: Underground Gold Mine Tour & GoldPanning Ice Excavation Swimming Bike Riding Food Fun Tex Mex CowboyCasserole for dinner NORDIC ‘STONE AGE’ NUT AND SEED BREAD Make Butter in a Jar Native American Sweet Fry Bread Resources/Books Lots of Things You Want to Know About Cowboys California Gold Rush…

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    Lego Candy Dispenser

    If your house is anything like ours, then you have more legos than you know what to do with. Because my kids rarely reassemble the original project that the legos were purchased for, we are often on the hunt for new and creative lego instructions to make new things. We were excited to find the Lego Candy Dispenser instructions created by Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls. A video showing how the dispenser works is located at the bottom of this post. The directions provided are really easy to follow. We did have to modify a few pieces because we did not have the exact lego blocks used…

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    Toying Around

    This week, we will explore the history and science of toy making and make a few toys ourselves. We will also go on 2 field trips. The first to the Mini Design Studio where Jackson will have a 3d figurine created of himself as an action figure. We will also visit Babyland General Hospital where Ansley will learn about how Cabbage Patch Dolls are made and adopt one, herself.

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    Water Water Everywhere

    Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Friday 28 Theme Book Earths Water Cycle Hey Water How Animals Find Water Spinning Wind & Water Water Can Be Why do puddles disappear? Living Things Need Water Why do we need water Art & Craft Doh Vinci Art Kit Paint Make Bath Bombs Make Bath Bombs Reading Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning none Writing /Motor Skills Letter Practice D Letter Practice E Letter Practice F Letter Practice G none Math Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning Time 4 Learning none Afternoon Activities Pool Water Science Pool