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    5 Steps to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Campout

    For our anniversary, I invited my husband to go camping with me, in our backyard. By pitching a tent and adding some much-needed glam to the space, I was able to create a romantic oasis to celebrate our special day. Below are the steps you can take to easily transform your own backyard into a romantic Valentine getaway. 1. Gather /Order your supplies. If you want to order your supplies and have them arrive in time, Amazon Prime is your best bet. Luckily, however, even with just a few hours to spare, you can pull this idea off rather easily. Almost everything you need for a romantic camp out can…

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    Artists & Athletes

    This week we will focus on artists & athletes such as players in the Negro Baseball League, Poet Maya Angelou and Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland. We will watch a short video about their lives, read books about their accomplishments and do a short kid friendly corresponding activity

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    Let’s Connect

    Originally called Camp Covid, Created by Kisha was started in the Summer of 2020 to share activities and ideas of things to do during the pandemic. Continuing with that theme, Created By Kisha shares recipes, activities, lesson plans, craft projects, and other family-centered ideas to engage in during the pandemic and beyond. Do one or all of the following to stay updated on the latest ideas/post Join our Facebook group and become part of our community of parents who share ideas and offer support on a host of family-related topics. Follow us on Instagram: to stay updated on the latest post.

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    Socially Distanced Ways to Celebrate the MLK Holiday

    Tomorrow we remember the life and legacy of civil rights icon,  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.    Listed are a few ways your family can celebrate MLK Day in a safe and socially distanced fashion Register and  Join The MLK  Live Stream Celebration. The National Civil Rights Museum will host a virtual King Day celebration on January 18, 2021, via Livestream at 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm Central TIME.  The event will showcase Dr. King’s work, the history of how the national holiday came to be, as well as how the museum has celebrated the holiday in years past.   Attendance is free but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  To register, click here.  Virtually Visit A Civil…

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    Lessons Plans

    Full disclaimer:  I am not a  professional educator   However,  like many of you, Covid has forced me to take on the role of  “teacher”   and develop weekly “lesson plans” for my now home-schooled pre-k aged daughter, Ansley.  Using a Kindergarten assessment from Education.com as a baseline for what she needs to work on, we settled on the potpourri of programs below.   Hopefully, she will be more than ready for Kindergarten this fall.  Reading:  For reading,  we most heavily use Hooked on Phonics (the books and the app).    We have worked much of the way through the first-grade curriculum and we often supplement it with leveled readers from Learning Dynamics,  Kindle unlimited, and…

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    Goal Setting

    You are  42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down which is why kids need to learn from a very young age the power of setting goals as well as how to achieve them.  Each year we tape large pieces of paper onto the wall and encourage our children to write down their goals for the year.   We then review those goals, organize them into categories, and write out the steps necessary to achieve them.  We keep record of the goals in Evernote.  We periodically review the goals and it is amazing to see how many of those goals are reached over the year.  This week,…