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    Historical Times

    Can History Be fun? We are about to find out as we explore a few exciting time periods of the past. These time periods were chosen at random and are not at all in order. Our plan this week is to explore some key times in history, learn a little, and have a lot of fun! The time periods we will visit are The Wild West Pre-Historic Age The Colonial Period The Pre Colonial Americas Plans for the week include a wide age range of activities, including: Visiting Gold Mines and Panning for Gold & Gems Excavating Dinosaurs trapped in Ice Creating Pueblo Style Pottery Making Nordic Stone Age Bread…

  • Kid Activities

    Lego Candy Dispenser

    If your house is anything like ours, then you have more legos than you know what to do with. Because my kids rarely reassemble the original project that the legos were purchased for, we are often on the hunt for new and creative lego instructions to make new things. We were excited to find the Lego Candy Dispenser instructions created by Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls. A video showing how the dispenser works is located at the bottom of this post. The directions provided are really easy to follow. We did have to modify a few pieces because we did not have the exact lego blocks used…

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    Toying Around

    This week, we will explore the history and science of toy making and make a few toys ourselves. We will also go on 2 field trips. The first to the Mini Design Studio where Jackson will have a 3d figurine created of himself as an action figure. We will also visit Babyland General Hospital where Ansley will learn about how Cabbage Patch Dolls are made and adopt one, herself.

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    Summer Fun

    Summer break is here. This summer is quite different for us than the last. While we are still exercising caution, we are slowly reintroducing ourselves back into the world. Our weeks will be a mix of at home activities and one weekly field trip where we will take as many safety precautions as possible while still having fun. The plan for the week is simply to have fun. Some highlights include: painting with squirt guns making popcorn balls a sun screen science experiment building an air fort. May 31 – June 4