Sports Camp

Focusing  on a different sport each day of the week, Sports camp is a week full of action packed  drills, games and  fun.   We hope you will join us  in getting outdoors and and exploring basketball, football, baseball, soccer and some traditional backyard games. 

Some highlights for the week include:    

  • basketball pong
  • playing old school yard games 
  • making mini football fields
  • making soccer popcorn

Click the orange links below for instruction for each activity.  


Basketball games with just a few players 

  • basketball 

Basketball Drills 

  • basketball
  • cones 

Family 2 1/2  on 2 Flag Football ball game

Football Drills

  • football
  • cones

Baseball Drills 

  • baseball
  • bat
  • baseball glove
  • tee
  • bases 

Water balloon baseball

  • water balloons
  • tee
  • bat 

Soccer Drills 

  • soccer ball
  • cones 

More Soccer Drills & Games 

  • soccer balls
  • cones 
Old School Yard Games 
  • Red Rover 
  • Hide and Seek-
  • Tag (freeze tag, TV tag, cereal tag)- 
  • Mother, May I?- 
  • Red-light, green-light- (great for smaller children)
  • Simon Says- Kids will love to see their parents acting silly!.
  • Duck, duck, goose
  • Kickball
  • Dodge Ball- again, a tame, supervised version may be preferable
  • Jump Rope/Double Dutch- I’m not even going to pretend I am coordinated enough for double dutch. It’s more of a spectator sport…
  • Hop Scotch- Hours and hours of fun
  • Monkey in the Middle- There was always that one kid who got stuck in the middle forever!