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    Originally called Camp Covid, Created by Kisha was started in the Summer of 2020 to share activities and ideas of things to do during the pandemic. Continuing with that theme, Created By Kisha shares recipes, activities, lesson plans, craft projects, and other family-centered ideas to engage in during the pandemic and beyond. Do one or all of the following to stay updated on the latest ideas/post Join our Facebook group and become part of our community of parents who share ideas and offer support on a host of family-related topics. Follow us on Instagram: to stay updated on the latest post.

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    Mother’s Day Magic at Sneakerdoodle: A Crafty Family Adventure

    This weekend, as a special treat for Mother’s Day, my family and I ventured to Sneakerdoodle, an extraordinary place that blends creativity, fashion, and personal expression in the most enjoyable way possible. As someone who thrives on crafts and creativity, it was an idyllic way to spend quality time with my family. The sneaker customization process at Sneakerdoodle was fascinating, engaging, and super cool! It all starts with sharing your vision or inspiration for your personalized shoes. The artists guide you through the process, making it interactive and exciting. Unlike places that dictate a step-by-step process, Sneakerdoodle encourages you to dive head-first into the project you want to create. The…

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    Weekly Menu: Balancing Family Favorites with New Culinary Adventures

    This week, we had an exciting menu featuring some delicious dishes. Due to our busy schedules, we didn’t get to all of them. That just means we will pull some of these recipes into next week’s plan. Monday (Meatless): Italian Chopped Salad, Bread Our week started with a family favorite that even the kids loved! This Italian Chopped Salad was not only a great way for the little ones to get their vegetables but also a flavorful and satisfying meal for the whole family. Tuesday: Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin, Rice, Asparagus Next up, we had a succulent Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin, served with fluffy rice and tender asparagus. This dish…

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    7 Staycation Ideas Around Atlanta

    *We visited most of these places during the height of the pandemic when mask-wearing was the norm. Mask-wearing is not currently required at any of the places listed below. Looking for family-friendly staycation ideas near Atlanta that everyone will enjoy? Check out these unique activities we discovered, including historical gold mines, charming doll hospitals, amazing space centers, and picturesque train rides. Spin Art Atlanta  Discover the magic of Spin Art Nation Sugar Hill, an immersive and interactive art experience that captivated Jackson and Ansley with its unique and exhilarating approach to creativity. This one-of-a-kind destination in Sugar Hill, Georgia, offers visitors the opportunity to create colorful, mess-free masterpieces using a…

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    Weekly Menu

    This week’s menu is a mix of celebratory meals, healthy meatless options, and classic comfort foods. We kicked off the week with Austin’s Birthday Celebration on Sunday. We had a family gathering and ordered his favorite foods. On Monday, we went meatless and indulged in a delicious Ramen Bowl filled with edamame, sweet potatoes, green onions, and eggs. This dish is packed with flavor and nutrients, making it a perfect addition to our weeknight dinner rotation. Tuesday brought us Garlic Butter Chicken with potatoes and green beans. This classic dish is a family favorite, with the garlic butter adding a rich and savory flavor to the chicken. On Wednesday, we…

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    Last Minute April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas

    Here are some easy, last-minute April Fools’ Day prank ideas that are harmless and fun: Remember, the best April Fools’ Day pranks are lighthearted and fun, without causing harm or hurt feelings. Enjoy the day and have fun with these simple prank ideas!

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    A Winter Birthday Celebration at SoundWaves Waterpark

    *disclamier: This trip was taken in 2021 during the height of the pandmemic when mask wearing was still the norm. Mask are not required at Soundwaves or Opryland at this time. As we prepared to celebrate Ansley’s birthday in January, we searched for a unique and exciting destination to make her special day unforgettable. That’s when we discovered SoundWaves Waterpark in Nashville, Tennessee. This upscale waterpark offers an impressive range of attractions, catering to all ages and preferences. From thrilling rides to relaxing lazy rivers, SoundWaves became the perfect choice for a birthday getaway. A Birthday to Remember: Our adventure at SoundWaves began with a few of us trying out…

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    Weekly Menu

    This week’s menu is filled with a variety of flavors and dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. From hearty meats to light and fresh seafood, there’s something for everyone. We started off the week with a classic Sunday dish – Corned Beef and Sauerkraut paired with crispy fries. This comforting dish is perfect for cooler weather and hits the spot every time. On Monday, we had Loaded Baked Potatoes with broccoli, cheese, bacon, and sour cream. It was the perfect way to start the week and get us ready for the delicious meals to come. On Tuesday, we switched things up with a light and refreshing Pesto Salmon…

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    Fall Break

    This week is Fall Break for 2 of my 3 kids. Because of the differences in their school schedules, we can’t travel this year. We’ve decided to take a few in-town field trips and spend our days working on some fun fall activities. This week we are going to skip the educational component that is usually included in camp weeks. While I love the opportunity to teach the kids new things, because school has been in session for several weeks, they could use the break and are really are not in the mood to learn. Highlights for this week include Creating Floating Cheese Cloth Ghost Going Apple Picking Taking a…

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    Space Camp

    My little scientists love anything out of this world, so we are excited to host our own Space Camp! This week will take a close look at the moon, stars, and galaxy. We will read books about space, do space-related art and science projects and visit the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama. Highlights for this week include Creating Space Stained Sun Catcher Launching Bottle Rockets Watching Space Jam 2 Making Astronaut Ice Cream. As always, you are welcome to join us. The supply list and schedule are listed below. July 26-July 30 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Art/Craft Chalk Galaxy Pastels Space Stained Sun Catchers Make DIY Galaxy…