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Fall Break

This week is Fall Break for 2 of my 3 kids. Because of the differences in their school schedules, we can’t travel this year. We’ve decided to take a few in-town field trips and spend our days working on some fun fall activities.

This week we are going to skip the educational component that is usually included in camp weeks. While I love the opportunity to teach the kids new things, because school has been in session for several weeks, they could use the break and are really are not in the mood to learn.

Highlights for this week include

  • Creating Floating Cheese Cloth Ghost
  • Going Apple Picking
  • Taking a train ride through North Georgia
  • Making Candy Corn Milkshakes

As always, you are welcome to join us. The supply list and schedule are listed below.

September 27-October 1

Halloween Bucket Craft
Halloween Signs Macrame Ghost

Floating Cheese Cloth Ghost
Toilet paper Roll PumpkinsTombstone Chair Cover
Indoor Activity Free Time Free Time
Free Time Free Time Free Time
Outdoor Activity Swimming

Apple Picking Swimming
Train Ride in North Ga
Ghost Rockets
Food FunCandy Corn Milkshake Caramel Apple
Apple Cider Apple Hand Pies Mummy Dogs
Resources/Booksn/a n/an/a


Activity Supply List

We use a combination of the supplies on this list as well as some supplies we already have at home. We do receive a small commission for any purchases made using the included links

Candy Corn Milkshake
  • 1 Quart Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 Quart Orange Sherbet
  • Whipped Cream or Cool Whip
  • Yellow Food Coloring
  • Black, Yellow & Orange Sprinkles
Halloween Bucket Craft
  • plastic halloween buckets
  • spray paint

Toilet paper Roll Pumpkins
  • 18in X 18 in. square fabric
  • toilet paper rolls
  • cinnamon
  • sticks
  • leaves
  • twine
Tombstone Chair Cover
  • Pillowcases
  • Fabric Paint
  • Stencil
Caramel Apple Nacho Bar
  • 5 Large Apples, Granny Smith and Honeycrisp
  • 1 Large Lemon
  • Caramel Sauce Recipe (Link Above)
  • 2 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil
  • Topping Of Your Choice