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    Fall Break

    This week is Fall Break for 2 of my 3 kids. Because of the differences in their school schedules, we can’t travel this year. We’ve decided to take a few in-town field trips and spend our days working on some fun fall activities. This week we are going to skip the educational component that is usually included in camp weeks. While I love the opportunity to teach the kids new things, because school has been in session for several weeks, they could use the break and are really are not in the mood to learn. Highlights for this week include Creating Floating Cheese Cloth Ghost Going Apple Picking Taking a…

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    Space Camp

    My little scientists love anything out of this world, so we are excited to host our own Space Camp! This week will take a close look at the moon, stars, and galaxy. We will read books about space, do space-related art and science projects and visit the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama. Highlights for this week include Creating Space Stained Sun Catcher Launching Bottle Rockets Watching Space Jam 2 Making Astronaut Ice Cream. As always, you are welcome to join us. The supply list and schedule are listed below. July 26-July 30 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Art/Craft Chalk Galaxy Pastels Space Stained Sun Catchers Make DIY Galaxy…

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    Entrepreneur Camp

    With the exception of 2020, every summer, the kids start a summer business. This week we will work on developing an idea, building a stand, marketing, and selling their product during Entrepreneur Camp. In the past, Jackson has run “Pop of Jacks,” a popsicle stand that usually brings in roughly $75-$100 every day he goes out. From an early age, he learned how to use his charm and a few signature popsicle recipes to rake in sales, donations and create repeat customers. Due to probable concerns over the safety of homemade products, we will use those skills to launch a new business run by Jackson & Ansley. David and I…

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    Camp Splash

    In the summer, water makes everything fun. Camp Splash is all about getting wet. We are looking forward to bringing out some of our favorite water toys, playing games, and having a blast. Because we did not finish making our short film during movie-making camp last week, we will spend our indoor time filming and editing. However, indoor time could also be spent watching some of your favorite summertime movies or playing classic board games that remind you of your own childhood summers. Plans for the week include a wide age range of activities, including: Slip N Slide Kickball Water baseball Running through our human carwash Making some fun 4th…

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    Movie Making Camp

    This week is film week for Jackson. He is co-starring in a short film this weekend which means our days will be interrupted by Covid tests, fittings, production meetings, and everything else required to get ready to be on set. We decided to mirror the movie-making process in our downtime this week and host Movie Making Camp of our own. Each day will focus on a different aspect of the filmmaking process. While we are still deciding whether to use a script the kids drafted last year or to draft a new one, we will spend the other days shooting, editing, and having an outdoor screening of the movie when…

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    Historical Times

    Can History Be fun? We are about to find out as we explore a few exciting time periods of the past. These time periods were chosen at random and are not at all in order. Our plan this week is to explore some key times in history, learn a little, and have a lot of fun! The time periods we will visit are The Wild West Pre-Historic Age The Colonial Period The Pre Colonial Americas Plans for the week include a wide age range of activities, including: Visiting Gold Mines and Panning for Gold & Gems Excavating Dinosaurs trapped in Ice Creating Pueblo Style Pottery Making Nordic Stone Age Bread…

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    Toying Around

    This week, we will explore the history and science of toy making and make a few toys ourselves. We will also go on 2 field trips. The first to the Mini Design Studio where Jackson will have a 3d figurine created of himself as an action figure. We will also visit Babyland General Hospital where Ansley will learn about how Cabbage Patch Dolls are made and adopt one, herself.

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    Summer Fun

    Summer break is here. This summer is quite different for us than the last. While we are still exercising caution, we are slowly reintroducing ourselves back into the world. Our weeks will be a mix of at home activities and one weekly field trip where we will take as many safety precautions as possible while still having fun. The plan for the week is simply to have fun. Some highlights include: painting with squirt guns making popcorn balls a sun screen science experiment building an air fort. May 31 – June 4

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    There is no registration and no cost to use the site. You are encouraged to follow Camp Covid on social media and sign up for our email list to stay updated on the latest camp themes and activities. Each week of camp contain the following: Outdoor Activities : We gotta get these kids outside. Not only does their physical and mental health require it, but seriously, what is summer vacation without plenty of fun in the sun. Some of the outdoor activities do encourage the participation of the whole family, making for some great mid day or after work activities. Indoor Activities: From board games to movies, these activities are good for…

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    Day of the week Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Arts / Crafts Food/Snacks  Monday Water balloon baseball Imhotep  Make a Piñata Kid Mocktails    Tuesday Flag Football Gross Science Kit Karakuri Penguin  Cucumber sushi    Wednesday Water balloon  fight Stinky Pig Dragon / Fairy  Eggs   Color Sugar Bowl   Thursday FILM MOVIE Film Movie Film Movie Fairy Ice Cream     Friday Slip and silde kickball Sleepover   Finish Wood Projects homemade pizza               Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Craft/Art Activities Cooking / Snack Activities Independent Exploration Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Craft/Art Activities Cooking / Snack Activities Independent Exploration