The Kindness of a King

It seems these days, we could all use a little kindness, so this week we will focus on celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and the kindness he promoted even when faced with hate.

We will read books that focus on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. We will also read books and discuss how we can be kind to everyone around us.

Our Verse for the Week is the golden rule:

" So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."
-Matthew 7:12

This Week’s Focus

  • Math: Following Directions, Ordinal Numbers, Addition Facts
  • Read: Long Vowels review and 3 letter blends
  • Science: The Power of Air

Let the Children March
Itty Bitty Bio
Dr. King

Henry is Kind

When King Wore Roller Skates

What does it mean to be kind?
Let Freedom Sing

A world of Kindness
Bible LessonCarlitos Scripture Talk The Golden Rule Love Everyone Equally
ReadingHooked on Phonics

Read : “The Fair”
Hooked On Phonics.

Read: Gwen
Hooked on Phonics

Read Shane Finds His Smile
Writing /
Motor Skills
Cutting Worksheets
Writing Prompt.
Cutting Worksheets
Writing Prompt.
Cutting Worksheets
Writing Prompt.
Math9.1 Following Directions
Addition Facts
9.2 Give Directions
Addition Facts
9.4 Ordinal Numbers
Addition Facts
SpecialsScience: Balloon In Bottle Piano
What is a Windbag
Recessoutside with dadoutside with dadoutside with dad