Celebration of Me

Happy Birthday Ansley! We are excited to celebrate our sweet girl and the wonderful things about being who God created us to be this week. We will focus on literature and lessons that are filled with messages of self love, self care and selflessness which are all part of developing a healthy image of oneself.

Our Verse for the Week serves as both a reminder of how and why God created us.

""I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
-Psalms 139:14

This Week’s Focus

  • Math: Counting & Number recognition and placement to 50. Review addition Facts. Symmetry
  • Read: Long Vowels & Blending Practice
  • Science: The Power of Air
It’s Ansley’s
I am Human

Stand Tall
Fantastic You

Create Positive Habits
Grow Happy

Bible LessonCarlitos ScriptureFearfully & wonderfully madeHandcrafted By God.
ReadingHooked On Phonics

Read: Flip & Flop
Hooked On Phonics

Read: The Blue Plane
(learning dynamics reader)
Hooked on Phonics

Read: The Big Parade (learning dynamics reader)
Writing /
Motor Skills
Test Review Sheet
Cutting Worksheet
Test Review Sheet
Cutting Worksheet
Say What Work sheet
MathKhan Academy Kids AdditionReview # to 50
Addition Facts

8.3 Symmetry
Review # to 50
Addition Facts

8.4 Left & Right
SpecialsArt / CraftScience:

(skipped today)
Science: Steve Spangler Huff & Puff Challenge