Around The World Camp

     Come travel with us, around the world while we visit France, Egypt, Mexico, Japan and Greece.  While in each country, we will explore the sites with virtual tours, cook yummy foods, play games, and make crafts  culturally relevant to the regions.    

We know that virtual travel is not the same as actually being in these countries, but we hope the you will learn a little something about the culture and be inspired to visit these places in real life someday.

Some highlights for the week include:  

  • Virtual tours of the Acropolis, the Lourve, Egyptian pyramids, Tokyo Tower, and other cultural sites. 
  • Playing both indoor/ outdoor games that have been played by children in the countries we virtually visit. 
  •  A mini olympic tournament. 
  • Recipes for Crepes, Egyptian Sweet Cookies, Tacos, Sushi, and Loukemades.  

Click the orange links for more info about each activity.