Lessons Plans

Full disclaimer:  I am not a  professional educator   However,  like many of you, Covid has forced me to take on the role of  “teacher”   and develop weekly “lesson plans” for my now home-schooled pre-k aged daughter, Ansley.  Using a Kindergarten assessment from as a baseline for what she needs to work on, we settled on the potpourri of programs below.   Hopefully, she will be more than ready for Kindergarten this fall.  
Reading:  For reading,  we most heavily use Hooked on Phonics (the books and the app).    We have worked much of the way through the first-grade curriculum and we often supplement it with leveled readers from Learning Dynamics,  Kindle unlimited, and Epic. 

Math:  Because it is an activity-based approach to teaching early math concepts, Ansley really likes the  Kindergarten Math with Confidence curriculum.   We also practice math facts and play other math games on the Khan Academy Kids & Brainzy Apps. 

Science:  Ansley is quite the little scientist. To keep up with her appetite for 2 science lessons per week, we have recently subscribed to Steve Spangler Science Club. We are fairly new subscribers but so far we have been pleased with the box of science supplies and lessons we have been provided with thus far.  

Piano:  Although Ansley is scheduled to work on her Piano on Wednesdays only, lately she has been working on the Piano app every day.  Thus far, both she and my 10-year-old son, Jackson have learned to sight-read, basic fingering, and how to play a few simple songs.  

Arts & Crafts: Arts & crafts are kind of an everyday thing in our house.  We do sometimes, however, have more planned out projects to match the theme of the week.   Ansley has lately been very interested in learning to sew so we will be spending more time in that area of crafting.  

Bible Verse: We try to keep this lesson fun and light. When I can, I try to find a verse to match the theme of the week. We then watch a kid friendly youtube video covering the verse and say a pray to start our day.

Theme Books: Epic is my absolute favorite app to find books to match the theme each week. Actually, Epic is my favorite app to find books for kids, period. We spend more time in this app than we do in any other app, during the week.