black history month,  Homeschool


In celebration of Black History month, our lessons each week will highlight the accomplishments of African Americans whose work and discoveries have lead to a better America for everyone.

This week we will focus on inventors. Focusing on inventions that young children are familiar with, we will read books about the inventors and their inventions and even recreate a few of their inventions ourselves.

Our Verse for the Week
The fruit we are covering this week is  Kindesss. We will watch a few short bible lesson videos and discuss their content and application to our every day lives

"  22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law
-Galatians 5:22-23 

This Week’s Academic Focus

  • Math: Addition Facts
  • Reading: Reviewing 3 letter blends, long vowels
Book / Activity

Inventions Help Us
Garret Morgan
How Do Video Games Work

Watch: Jerry Lawson
(video Game Cartridge)
Watch: The Exceptional Life Of Benjamin Banneker

Read: Benjamin Banneker 

What’s inside a clock?
Watch: Lonnie Johnson

Read: Lonnie Johnson 
(Super Soaker) 
Read: Story book Rose Revere : Engineer
Bible LessonFruit of the Spirit KindnessFruit of The Spirit KindnessFruit of the Spirit :KindnessThe Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness3
Sight Word Review On Brainzy

Diagraphs Review
Read: Red Light Green Light
Sight Word

End Blends Lesson On Brainzy

End Blends

(Testing: No Lesson Today) Review Packet

Writing /
Motor Skills
Journal Writing Prompt
Traffic Maze
Cutting: Traffic Light Cut & Paste
Journal Writing Prompt:
Cutting Practice
(Testing: No Lesson Today)
Symmetry Drawing

Cutting Practice
MathTraffic Light pattern Recognition

Counting Practice
Numbers 11-20 Brainzy

Review numbers 1-50
Testing No Lesson Today
Addition Using The Number Line
Specials Art/ Craft

Diy Traffic Light
Science: Snap Circuit Arcade Make: DIY Clock From Embroidery Hoop & Clock Kit Science (sort of 🙂 :
Super Soaker Cup Race

Super Soaker Target Practice
RecessRed Light/ Green Light Game
Free Time with David
Outside With David What Time is it Mr. Fox (Game) Outside with David