Adventure Awaits

When I hear the word adventure , I think of exploration & new experiences. It brings to mind having courage and being brave. All of which we will cover in our lessons this week.

We will read books about bravery and courage and do some exploring in our own outdoor spaces. We will also learn about the benefits of trying new things.

Our Verse for the Week:

We began learning about the fruits of the spirit in the fall. Ansley was rewarded with a small gift after she committed it to memory. We took a pause in learning about the fruits of the spirit to focus on advent. We will pick up where we left off this week.

"  22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law
-Galatians 5:22-23 

The fruit we are covering this week is Patience. We will watch a few short bible lesson videos and discuss their content and application to our every day lives.

This Week’s Academic Focus

  • Math: Following Directions, Ordinal Numbers, Addition Facts
  • Read: Long Vowels review and 3 letter blends
  • Science: The Power of Air
The Biggest Puddle In the World

The Old Man of the Sea
Being Brave
Bunny Braves The Day

Please Don’t Make Me Fly
Having Courage

Trying New Things
I Will Try

Taste Something New
Bible LessonFruit of the Spirit Overview (Review)5 Minute Devotional (Animated Video ) Fruit of the Spirit Patience VideoFruit of the Spirit Patience Video
ReadingHooked On Phonics

Learning Dynamics
Josh Can Help
Hooked on Phonics

Learning Dynamics
Thad Toad
Hooked on

Learning Dynamics
Seth and Beth
Hooked on Phonics

Read: Pete won’t eat

Writing /
Motor Skills
Airplane cutout

Journal Writing

Car Cut Out

Journal Writing
Cutting: Make a Princess Puzzle

Journal Writing Prompt
Cutting: Paper Doll

Journal Writing Prompt
Math9.1 Following Directions

Addition Facts
9.2 Give Directions

Addition Facts
9.4 Ordinal Numbers

Addition Facts
Spot the Shapes Game

Write in the Missing Number
SpecialsSewing Science:
What is a Windbag
(Note Review)
Piano Maestro App
The Great Blow Up
Recessoutside with dad outside with dadoutside with dadoutside with dad