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Summer Fun

Summer break is here. This summer is quite different for us than the last. While we are still exercising caution, we are slowly reintroducing ourselves back into the world. Our weeks will be a mix of at home activities and one weekly field trip where we will take as many safety precautions as possible while still having fun.

The plan for the week is simply to have fun. Some highlights include:

  • painting with squirt guns
  • making popcorn balls
  • a sun screen science experiment
  • building an air fort.

May 31 – June 4

Monday –
Memorial Day
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Field Trip
Art & Craft Squirt Gun Painting Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Tie Dye Beach Towels
Indoor Activity Science:
Sun Screen Painting
Air Fort

Science: Water Experiments
Outdoor Activity Bike Riding Pool Time Water Fight
Food Fun Snow cones
KoolAid Slushes

Shark Bait Ice Cream Floats

Popcorn Balls
Books / Resources
Supplies Needed

Squirt Gun Painting