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Toying Around

With my 10-year-old heading to middle school, I am well aware that his days of playing with toys are limited. To prolong this time of wonderment and innocence as long as possible, Toying Around is all about play

This week, we will explore the history and science of toy making and make a few toys ourselves. We will also go on 2 field trips. The first to the Mini Design Studio where Jackson will have a 3d figurine created of himself as an action figure. We will also visit Babyland General Hospital where Ansley will learn about how Cabbage Patch Dolls are made and adopt one, herself.

To ensure both my 5 and 10-year old enjoy Toying Around, plans for the week include a wide age range of activities, including:

  • Designing and printing toys on our own 3d printer
  • Taking apart existing electronic toys to understand how they work
  • Making Gummy Legos
  • Building wooden motorized vehicles.
  • Having a Teddy Bear Picnic.

As always, you are welcome to join us. The supply list and schedule are listed below.

June 6-June 11

Art/CraftBuild A lego Candy Dispenser Build Motorized Toy Vehicles

Make small toys with 3d Printer
Make Mini Stuffed Animals
Indoor ActivityWatch the Lego Movie
Take apart an electric toy.
Visit Mini-Me to create a toy model of Jackson Watch Ugly Dolls
Outdoor Activity Build a Cardboard House Drive Motorized Cars OutsideGo Swimming Have a Teddy Bear Picnic
Food FunMake Lego Gummies

Build a Circuitry Snack
Make Edible Play DohMake Food For Teddy Bear Picnic
Resources/BooksBook: The inventors of Legos
Video: The Powers of Circuits

Book: Taking Toys Apart
Book: All About 3D Printing
Book:Teddy Bear Picnic

Toys 100 years ago

Field Trip Fridays

Where We Are GoingOther Fieldtrip Ideas
Babyland General Hospital American Girl Doll Store / Cafe
Lego Land
Build a Bear Worshop


We use a combination of the supplies on this list as well as some supplies we already have at home. We do receive a small commission for any purchases made using the above link.