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Blue Wave Floats

Inspired by the Shark Bait Ice Cream Floats posted by All Things Mama , we made our own blue summertime treats. While my grown-up taste buds did not particularly enjoy this sugary concoction of Blue Fanta, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Gummy Candies, the kids loved it.

Blue Wave Floats

Serving Size:
5 minutes



  1. Scoop Vanilla Ice cream into a glass
  2. Poor soda on top of the ice cream, leaving enough room for the thick layer of foamy goodness to form at the top of your glass. This was our favorite part. You can use any flavor soda you like. We chose the Blue Fanta because of its cool color.
  3. Add a lifesaver gummy to your straw and a gummy shark to the top of your foam
  4. enjoy!