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Celebrate Easter

Easter is this coming Sunday. All this week we will focus on both secular and non-secular ways to celebrate.

Utilizing a video series by Saddleback kids, we will focus on different aspects of the Easter story each day.

We will also do daily easter related crafts and read books about the Easter bunny and other easter traditions.

March 28 – March 2

Monday 29Tuesday 30Wednesday 31Thursday 1Friday 2
Emma’s Easter
Easter Bunny

The Easter egg Farm
How to Catch The Easter Bunny
The Bad Easter Bunny
Bible Study The Story of Easter

The Temptation of Jesus
The Triumphal Entry
The Last Supper
& Jesus Washes his disciples Feet
Jesus Prays &
Jesus Sacrifice
God is With US &
God’s Ascension

Writing /
Motor Skills
Easter Egg Sight Word Primer

Cutting Exercise
Easter Printables
Easter Activities
Easter Writing Activity
SpecialsEaster Paper Wreath

Paper Weaving Egg

Bunny Face

Tape Resist Cross
Easter egg Rockets
Piano Maestro Sink the Egg Stem Challenge
Recessoutside with dad outside with dadoutside with dadoutside with dad